Why North Star Youth Leadership Programs?

We provide our youth with intensive skill-building, along with hands-on activities to practice these skills. Funding for North Star's youth development and youth leadership programs are provided in part through the Arizona Department of Health Services Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.

Youth participating in youth leadership program

Youth Leadership Programs:
Teens Taking Action" and "Peer Assistance & Leadership (PAL)"

With an emphasis on community service and leadership training activities, our Youth Leadership Programs help teens develop and strengthen the competencies needed to become successful, productive adults. Our programs also incorporate mentoring and peer assistance leadership opportunities. We help create successful futures!

Teens Taking Action (Yavapai)


Our objective is to provide youth with the opportunity to make a difference by combining community service with leadership training activities. Student projects range from creating programs within their schools to providing services in their community.


Successful teen projects have included:

  • classroom presentations on sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS
  • an HIV/AIDS Fun Run
  • a musical showcase and dessert night during Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month
  • presentations on depression and the creation of a brochure to help parents recognize the signs of depression in teens
  • a girls’ sports scholarship program
  • the design of book covers
  • a student-designed website
  • poster designs
  • a swim-a-thon
  • a Life Decisions book written for teens by teens.

Youth are selected through an application process and participate in our effective program that provides a variety of leadership training activities.

photo of youth leadership programs: teens taking action with the fire department   

Peer Assistance & Leadership Program (PAL)


PAL builds resiliency and resources through teen training, mentoring, conflict resolution, cross-age teaching, peer assistance leadership skills, youth leadership programs, service learning, and community prevention activities.


The programs provide effective training in “resiliency” strategies and combats problems such as:
- violence in schools
- drug abuse
- teen pregnancy
- gang participation
- school dropouts
This provides a critical line of defense both at school and in the home.


The PAL program’s over-arching goal is to help teens to become involved in their community and acquire valuable life skills through leadership and service learning opportunities.

photo of youth participating in peer assistance leadership program (PAL)   photo of youth participating in peer assistance leadership program (PAL)   photo of youth participating in peer assistance leadership program (PAL)

Photos of Youth Activities! 
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