Kasey Shaver

Training for Groups: 

(Girl Scouts, clubs, church groups, etc.)
Call Kasey @ 928-708-7206

Location of Classes:
434 W. Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ
(in the Catholic Charities large conference room)


From a Parent from a past participant:
"My daughter completed the Safe Sitter Training back in September of 2015. Since then, she has been busy almost every weekend, and even babysat during the summer. She even paid me back the cost of the training!" - Liz 
"Thank you for making the safe sitter both informative and fun. My girls learned that babysitting is a big responsibility and now feel prepared to know how to react in an emergency situation. And as a parent I feel confident that they will be excellent safe sitters!"- Linda O

From a past participant:

"I think that it is important to take a babysitting class because it trains you for real life emergencies and how to handle behavioral issues. I think the most important thing in safe sitters is learning how to handle choking situations.  I also think CPR is very important to learn too!" Emma,12

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When trainings are held the Safe Sitter Requirements are:
  • Each student will borrow their own manikin to practice on and will NOT have to share.
  • All surfaces in the classroom will be wiped down before, during and after the training.
  • Students will be placed 6 feet apart from each other during instruction, activities and while practicing rescue skills.
  • We encourage any students that are not feeling well, have a fever (we will check upon arrival) or any other contagious illnesses to reschedule.
Kasey Shaver
Call or Text 928.899.7141

Safe Sitter is the SAFE way to INVEST in your teen's babysitting business. If they start babysitting, chances are they make back the cost of the training in 4-6 babysitting jobs. Plus,it will give you and potential employers peace of mind knowing that your teen will know what to do in case of ANY emergency.
Only $55 for the one day and $95 for the 2-day training.

Do you feel comfortable leaving your young teen home alone?
Is your teen ready to start watching their younger siblings?
Does your teen want to start earning money?

Register for our upcoming Safe Sitter ® class to learn
the safety skills he/she needs for themselves and the
children they are watching.

Cost: $55 for the 1-day training and
$95 for the 2-day training including:
  • the official Safe Sitter handbook
  • child care essentials
  • choking rescue
  • CPR training
  • how to start a babysitting business
  • and so much more! 
Classes are limited, sign up today!

In the case of a cancellation, refunds will not be issued. Your student will be enrolled into a future Training. 
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