Free Prom Attire for High School Students

Free prom attire will be available to high school students on a first-come, first-serve basis at North Star Youth Partnership's annual Priceless Prom Project.  This year's event is being co-sponsored by Tri-City College Prep.  The donations are new or nearly new and have been donated by generous individuals in the community as a way to lighten the financial burden that attending prom often causes as well as a "pay it forward" recycling project.  Dresses, purses, shoes and jewelry are available as well as tuxedos and suits for boys.  No preregistration necessary for any of the event days.  Any high school student wishing to attend can simply stop by during the event.

Personal shopping times for groups over 10 are also available upon request. Contact Krystal Koons at or 928.708.7268 or Diane DeLong at or 928.708.7214 for more information.