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Positive Parenting Workshops and Parent Nights

At North Star we also cater to parents. We have positive parenting programs which offer parenting tips to birth parents, legal guardians, or foster parents - or even teachers, counselors and community members - looking to be a part of helping to educate and support our youth.

Positive Parenting Workshops and Parenting Tips

Our positive parenting program helps parents address many of the challenges of raising teens or the negative influences that teens face at such a pivotal age, which may either cause them to spiral out of control or go down a wrong path.

Can We Talk?

A comprehensive parent/child communication program to build healthy relationships and improve family communication. The workshop includes sex on TV, puberty, setting boundaries, and more parenting tips that equip guardians with positive parenting tools to counter the negative influences online or on TV.

Parent Nights

Parent Nights offer individual schools an overview of the sex education material that will be presented by North Star Health Educators. Your child’s school will send home information and a permission slip. Click here for upcoming parent night dates.

Choosing the Best Parent Prep

This intensive workshop teaches parents about the five major factors influencing teen sex and its negative impact, including sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and emotional consequences. Parents also learn ways to stay involved in their teens' lives and to help them to make healthy, positive decisions by using our positive parenting techniques to be a positive influence.