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Teen Maze
We have a variety of volunteer for this interactive, education event, including registration, survey distribution, door monitors, and booth staff. Planning for Teen Maze 2011 begins in October.

Teen Maze is a fun, interactive life-size game board to creatively help teens understand the consequences of life choices. Health topics include nutrition and body image, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy/parenting, depression, relationships, substance abuse, and abstinence from risk-taking behaviors. The media, legal issues, and positive alternatives, including service-learning, career, education and volunteer opportunities are also explored.

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Girls & Sports Day
Volunteers are needed for check-in and registration, help in sports stations, serving lunch and serving as group leaders.

Girls & Sports Day is an annual event to educate girls ages 7-16 about the benefits of good health and encourage them to participate in sports. It is part of North Star’s WINGS (Women Involving Neighborhood Girls in Sports) program. Girls & Sports Day 2011 will be held on Saturday, May 21. Pre-registration begins in March 2011.

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Baby…Ready or Not
Volunteers are needed to assist in the programming and distribution of infant simulators to participants. Training is provided and this program is continuous throughout the year.
The Baby…Ready or Not program provides participating students with programmable life-like “dolls” that simulate various true-to-life responsibilities of parenting. Students are responsible for attending to their assigned “baby’s” needs (e.g. soothing, feeding, changing diapers, etc.) over a 72-hour weekend. The dolls involve family/friends in the students’ experience, open parent-child dialogue about teen pregnancy, and provide the students with a first-hand look at the emotional and social effects of parenting at an early age.

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