Why Youth Service Learning Programs?

Through our Youth Leadership Program, teens develop and strengthen the competencies needed to become successful, productive adults. We do so by providing young people with intensive skill-building, leadership training activities, as well as opportunities to turn these skills into actions. Funding for North Star's youth development and youth leadership program is provided in part through the Arizona Department of Health Services Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program.

    Contact Lisa Reinert for more information:
       928-708-7216 or lreinert@cc-az.org
Girl Talk 
Girl Talk is a positive weekly mentoring program led by high school girls to help middle school girls to build self-esteem, develop leadership, and encourage community service.

Girl Talk provides the opportunity for middle school girls to hear the right messages fro the high school girls (in partnership with teachers, coaches, and guidance counselors) by whom they are so influenced.

Yavapai County- after school in Prescott, Prescott Valley and Chino Valley

  • Heritage Middle School - Monday afternoons
  • Granite Mountain School - Wednesday afternoons
  • Granite Oak Charter School - Wednesday afternoons
  • Glassford Hill Middle School - Thursday afternoons

Coconino County -  after school in Flagstaff

  • San Francisco De Asis Catholic Middle School - Wednesday afternoons
Girl Talk’s three program pillars are:
- leadership
- mentoring
- community service.

                                                                                                     Granite Mountain

                                                       Glassford Hill Middle School

                          Heritage Middle School