Do North Star Educators make a difference?

Lead Educator Cristy Leonard was recently teaching a health education class and thought the student teacher looked familiar.  Sure enough, after sitting down with her, this is what Lindsay Gonzales had to say:

"One of the main things I remember is the STD presentation.  I knew then that I wasn't going to have sex outside of marriage. That class (5years ago) supported me in my abstinece decision and helped me to become who I am today."  Lindsay is now a student teacher and plans to graduate within a year. She also plans on continuing her education to get her Master's Degree.  "Thank you for what you taught me and know that your class made a huge difference in my life".

Teen Health and Preventing Teenage Pregnancy: Abstinence and Puberty

Our teen health program provides an array of resources that help teens through their confusion related to puberty and the risks of sexual activity, as well as sharing important information regarding abstinence and teenage pregnancy prevention.

North Star Youth Partnership helps educate children and teens on the critical aspects of teen health so that they:

  • Gain awareness about the changes associated with puberty
  • Understand the benefits of abstinence
  • "Get" the risks of sexual activity
  • Learn how to make positive, healthy choices
  • Understand teenage pregnancy prevention
Our curriculum is spiral in nature in that each grade builds upon the last!  Teens will be part of activities, discussions and role-plays, along with attending class presentations that are designed to be interesting no matter how they learn (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic).

photo of students discussing ways for preventing teenage pregnancy photo of North Star workshop educating teen parents

North Star's Teen Health Education provides:

  • Classes for youth grades 6-12
  • Trained educators and facilitators
  • Creative writing workshops (Students practice with writing exercises designed to teach them about their own beliefs, values and experiences regarding relationships, teenage pregnancy prevention, self-sufficiency, the downsides of being teen parents and much more.)
  • Workshops for parents, legal guardians and teen parents.

Curricula for Students

Our program for schools is taught using the curricula from two programs that we have identified as incorporating all of the critical aspects of teen health as described above, in addition to meeting our criteria for being educational AND interactive. Schools can select from one of the following two programs:
North Star's health education is funded by the Arizona Department of Health Services Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program. It is also funded in part by the Arizona Department of Health Services as made available through a grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.