What Our Youth Say

"Teen Maze helped me understand the consequences of my actions and will effect my future decisions." 
"Teen Maze was fun and educational…it made me think."
"I had never met anyone with AIDS.  It had seemed so distant, but I realized that it was right here in my community. There is so much we can do.  I really feel like I accomplished something through my Teens Taking Action project."
"North Star strives to empowering teens to work with their peers around issues of teen pregnancy and healthy youth development in ways they believe will be most effective.  Thanks for the opportunity you gave me to be involved." 
"North Star helped me understand the importance of healthy relationships and most importantly how to have them. I also learned why it’s so important to make good decisions and set goals for myself."
"Baby Ready or Not has taught me that I’m not ready to be a parent and that parenting is a hard job.  I know I need to finish school and just be a teen.  Parenting, for me, needs to come when I’m older and married.
"In thinking back on my experience with North Star I am proud to have been  nominated to serve on the advisory board for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, receive a county-wide community service award, and speak before community groups. I was something of a teen entrepreneur in the realm of community service – an experience invaluable, as I have advanced in my career as a journalist." "Because of North Star, I was able to complete my service project and was there to support and to watch the other youth volunteer leaders reach out to our community with their projects. I feel that it is so important to get youth involved in things they feel passionate about. I know that it has inspired me to get involved in things now in my adult life, and I am better prepared to serve and help in things that I truly care about."
"I never thought I could really make a difference in educating my peers and community on issues that are important to me.  I would have never had this chance without North Star.  Thanks!" 
"My school is so excited about winning the After Prom/Safe Grad Night Award. We are planning an educational assembly along with a movie and snack night after prom so we all have a fun, safe place to be. Thanks North Star!!" 
"The TAPP Players Drama Troupe allowed those of us interested in drama and media production to use our talents to reach a generation that is geared to that medium.  We were able to change with the times, and connect with other teens and the rest of the community in a hip and timely way."   "I will be graduating from college in June and plan to join the Teach for America program.  I do not know where or what I will be teaching yet, but I am positive I will incorporate the lessons I have learned from North Star into my classroom." 
"Girls & Sports Day was so much fun.  I learned a lot about different sports.  It was great and I want to come back next year!" 
"I am so excited about receiving the President’s Volunteer Service Award!!! Thanks to North Star for the chance to be part of the Peer Mentoring Program and earn my volunteer service hours!"
"North Star not only showed me what it meant to do service projects, but I learned about Arizona and the shocking statistics that surround teenage pregnancy. I really felt encouraged after helping with Teen Maze, which is so important to get awareness out to youth and adults about choices and consequences and to open the eyes of the community to what that means, and what that involves." "I had a great time working with other teen-leaders at North Star, bouncing ideas off one another and sharing success stories.  Teenagers are faced with many tough decisions.  I am now a high school teacher and I know that more now than I did when I was there.
Having a positive peer influence goes a long way, and I hope that North Star continues its presence in the area’s schools."
"The Teen Outreach Program has taught me that I am important in my community that I do have a voice and people want to know what I think." 
"North Star opened my eyes to the world of public service. Not only did I learn skills to fight teenage pregnancy but also I learned how to be a compassionate and caring professional." 

"GoGirlGo is so much fun! I really liked the climbing wall. I can’t wait until next week to see what activity is next!"