About Our Programs

The North Star Youth Partnership staff is committed to the nurturing of healthy, self-assured, positive and engaged youth by providing educational, recreational, leadership and service learning opportunities to all youth ages 11-18 living in Northern Arizona.

"Helping young people to achieve their full potential is the best way to prevent them from engaging in risky behaviors." - National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth

Service Learning



                About Our Programs and Program Overview

Program Types

The North Star Youth Partnership programs give youth confidence, a positive direction, and the opportunity to realize a successful future through leadership and service learning. A variety of after school programs and youth development events and opportunities help young people build resiliency and assets.


Our educational programs work to improve communication between youth and their parents and to increase awareness and knowledge of risky behaviors and healthy alternatives. We offer:

 Service Learning

We offer opportunities for girls to gain sports basics as they learn about health and build self-esteem. Our sports program include:


 Service Learning

Our leadership programs teach youth how to make valuable contributions through youth-led community and school-based projects. We offer:
  • Youth leadership training and development
  • Youth-led school and community projects

 Service Learning
Service  Learning

Our service learning programs help teens develop a “toolkit” of life skills: applied problem-solving; interpersonal communication; and the ability to understand and improve their communities—skills that will benefit them and their communities for the rest of their lives.
  • Peer mentoring
  • Community service projects
  • Social issues awareness
  • Community partnerships

 Service Learning