Why Teens LOVE Our Interactive Learning Programs!

These programs are designed to simulate real life experience, thereby giving teens the opportunity to "live through" the experience and recognize the consequences. Not only do teens love these programs, but they've helped change their lives!

Teens participating in teen maze experiential learning game

Baby ... Ready or Not!

At North Star, we offer teens a variety of experiential learning programs. These infant simulators provide teens with a wealth of life skills education. Teens learn hands-on how to make decisions, how to be responsible, and the consequences of their choices. 

Teen Maze

Program Benefit:

Teen Maze is a fun, interactive life-size game board to creatively help teens understand the consequences of life choices. Health topics include nutrition and body image, sexually transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy/parenting, depression, relationships, substance abuse, and abstinence from risk-taking behaviors. The media, legal issues, and positive alternatives, including Youth Leadership Programs/Service Learning, career, education and volunteer opportunities are also explored.

The Program:

Envision a life-size game board and you'll get a good idea of Teen Maze. Teens navigate their way through the Maze by drawing scenario cards or spinning a wheel that indicates a "choice" for them. As teens navigate their way through the Maze, they increase their understanding of personal responsibilit, and learn peer resistance skills, how to make more effective life choices, and how to plan for a successful future. The Maze paths are staffed by various individuals who have a certain "role" to play and present the appropriate information for that path. The Maze is creative, interactive and delivers powerful information to teens about the consequences of their choices. No judgment is made on any of the paths, just the possible consequences of what their choices may bring.

"I learned a lot and will think twice before drinking and driving or smoking."

"I discovered what it would be like to be a teen parent and why I should wait."

"It was fun and educational. The drunk driving section showed me how stupid it is."

"The Maze really made me stop and think."


Purchase our "How-To" Manual:

An instructional manual titled “Build It and They Will Come” is designed to teach schools and community-based organizations how to put on an effective Teen Maze.


Baby ... Ready or Not!

This is another of our educational games for teens that is designed to provide hands-on, fun, and experiential life skills education.

Program Benefit:

Baby…Ready or Not gives teens a taste of the responsibilities of parenting.

The Program:

Students receive programmable life-like dolls and spend the weekend attending to their “baby’s” needs: soothing, feeding, changing diapers, etc. The dolls involve family/friends in the students’ experience, open parent-child dialogue about teen pregnancy, and provide the students with a first-hand look at the emotional and social effects of parenting at an early age.

"She was crying all night last night and I didn't get an hour of sleep. I guess I'm kind of glad I'm giving her back tomorrow."

"You don't get as much freedom when you take care of a baby and you have to take care of it every hour."

"Having a baby changes your life. You have to take care of a baby and so you don't have time for yourself and your social life." 

Parent perspective: 
 It was a realistic experience, it took her a while to “get the hang of it” and she needed help during the weekend, because she was “getting stressed out”.  She also learned how important it is to hold the head. 

Student perspective:
“When it woke up in the middle of the night, I couldn’t figure out what it wanted most of the time, because I was half asleep.  Everyone was mad at me because the baby woke them up”.  Her thoughts on teen pregnancy: "I think teen pregnancy is wrong. I’m 100% against it; especially if you’re a single parent. It was very hard work and tiring.”