Parents: Let’s Talk!

Parents are the best people to teach their kids about sex. Yet, sometimes parents are uncomfortable or afraid they might not have all the answers. But your kids want to hear from you and have you listen to them.

North Star can help. Throughout October, North Star is promoting Let’s Talk Month to promote parent/child communication. Parents, grandparents and adults that work with youth can sign up to receive a free monthly e-newsletter filled with the latest teen trends and tips on how to talk about important issues with their teens.

North Star also offers free workshops for parents and youth caregivers and addresses the factors influencing teen sex and its negative impact, as well as ways to stay involved with their teens and help them to make healthy choices.

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Parent Talking Tips:
"Talking Tips Prescription Drug Abuse"
"Talking Tips Sexuality and Risky Behavior"

Parents: Talking Tips on Prescription Drug Abuse

An open line of communication is one of the best positive parenting tips!  Ask your kids: Did you know that abusing prescription drugs can be just as dangerous, addictive and even deadly as using ‘street’ drugs?  “Why?” Medications are prescribed by doctors to treat medical conditions.  Medications have side effects, some of which are risky.  You should only take a medication prescribed by your doctor.  Some medications, such as pain killers, are highly addictive.  It is illegal for you to share or sell medications.  It’s just plain wrong and dangerous to take a medication to get high.  Alcohol combined with pain killers suppresses the central nervous system and puts you at risk for accidental overdose and death.

Some “comebacks” or resistance tips for kids:
  • Just walk away.
  • Make a joke.
  • Hang with others who choose not to use.
  • Avoid situations where it may become a problem (i.e. a party).
  • Say ‘no’ and repeat it if they keep pushing.
  • Change the subject.
  • Ignore it.
  • Offer an alternative activity.
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Parents: Talking Tips on Sexuality and Risky Behavior

Parents matter and play the most important role in preventing risky behavior. Talk to your kids.

Here are some helpful tips:
  1. Find teachable moments...make use of TV shows even if you believe they send the wrong message.
  2. Remember it’s OK to feel try to relax. You want your child to hear from you...not get inaccurate information from their peers.
  3. Don’t wait until your children ask questions....many never ask.
  4. Be “ask-able”...reward a question with, “I’m glad you came to me.”
  5. Remember that facts are not enough...share your feelings, values, and beliefs.
  6. Talk about the joys of sexuality...tell them that loving relationships are the best part of adult life.
  7. Know what is taught about sexuality in your schools, faith communities, and youth groups...other groups can help you.
  8. LISTEN...LISTEN...LISTEN. It’s often just as important as talking.