Diane DeLong
Diane R. DeLong
Senior Program Manager 
North Star Youth Partnership

From The Senior Program Manager

Dear Youth, Friends and Families,

How would you describe today’s teens?

I recently overheard a conversation that saddened me. A couple was describing some teens in negative stereotypes. It was clear that they did not know about an amazing group of teens and youth who are truly making a difference in our community—the teens of Catholic Charities’ North Star Youth Partnership.

North Star helps youth choose healthy lifestyle behaviors that prevent violence, gang activity, substance use, and teen pregnancy through programs that build self-confidence and leadership skills. They become truly engaged in their communities and learn that they can make a difference. They tackle causes like poverty, homelessness and teenage pregnancy to improve their schools and communities.

These youth are truly amazing. Each has a story about how North Star has made a difference in not only their lives, but also the lives of other youth and those in need throughout Northern Arizona. On this website, we share many of those stories with you!

You can make a difference too!  Support the positive impact of the North Star Youth Partnership.


Diane R. DeLong
Senior Program Manager